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Razzle dazzle ships inspire 5th class

Razzle dazzle camourflage was a type ship camouflage used extensively in World War 1.  It consisted of complex patterns of geometric shapes in contrasting colours, interrupting and intersecting each other.

Unlike some other forms of camouflage, dazzle works by making it difficult to estimate a target's range, speed and heading, rather than by providing concealment.  Credited to artist Norman Wilkinson, though with a prior claim by the zoologist John Graham Kerr, Wilkinson explained in 1919 that dazzle was intended more to mislead the enemy as to the correct position to take up than actually to miss his shot when firing.

5th class students have been drawing their own dazzling ship patterns in art this week, while also learning about this interesting aspect of WW1 history.

razzle dazzle ships

razzle dazzle ships2

razzle dazzle ships3


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