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Happy 450th Birthday Shakespeare!

John Colet School students write about their love of The Bard.

Mr William Shakespeare
Ann Hathaway Cottage

22August 2014

Dear Mr Shakespeare,
I am writing to wish you a very happy 450th birthday Mr Shakespeare!
Thanks to you, every year at my school we have an awesome annual Shakespeare Festival. This year my class is doing the cool play “Much Ado About Nothing”. I’m playing Benedick and I have 28 lines, which is much more than I had last year! The play stops at the scene where Benedick and Beatrice fall in love.
Thanks for putting 1700 useful words into my life. Some of the ones I use are “unreal”, “mimic” and “skim milk”. Without all these words it would be much harder to speak fluently and the world wouldn’t be as interesting.
I wonder how hard it must have been to invent all these useful words, be an actor and write down all these long plays. I like inventing things too. I invent games to play on the computer and board games. I also like writing, but I write stories, not long plays. In the last school holidays I wrote a story about my favourite game, Minecraft, and the adventures of some boys in the game.
I read that you have a son called Hamlet; did you name the play after him? If so, he must think that is way cool.  My favourite play from you is “Macbeth” because it has lots of gore, fighting and betrayal. What was your favourite?
Please come to our awesome Shakespeare festival it will be so funny and I have so many more questions to ask you!  Enjoy your 450th birthday!

Yours sincerely,
Nathan C

John Colet Belrose
20th August 2014

Dear William Shakespeare,
Thank you for all the wonderful plays you wrote. My favourite play was ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, by the way happy birthday! Are you doing anything special on your birthday? If you were in Australia you would love to see us perform.
I’d like to know what your favourite play is? The plays I have been in are ‘The Tempest’, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and ‘Speak The Speech’.
Your plays are performed all round the world. In ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ I played Antonio and Ursula. In ‘The Tempest’ I was Miranda. In ‘Speak The Speech’ I was a witch.
What I have learnt from you is to project my voice. A question I would like to ask you is how many plays have you written because I don’t know.
I hope you are well.
Love from,

Dear Mr Shakespeare,
I am writing to you about three things.  Firstly, I am wishing you a happy 450th birthday.  Did you know that you are still famous even though you are 450 years old?  People all over the world act out your plays because they’re so famous.
Next,  thank you for all your wonderful plays.  In previous years I have done Macbeth, The Tempest, A Winter’s Tale and I am now in The Comedy of Errors.
My favourite, favourite character so far has been Antipholus of Ephesus from The Comedy of Errors because he has the most lines in the play.  My favourite part of Shakespeare is saying my lines in front of the audience.  It makes me really nervous but when I come off the stage I feel like I can run 10 marathons!
Finally, I am thanking you for the 1700 words you introduced to the English language.  My favourite one is ‘dawn’ because what else would you call the start of the day?
I hope you appreciate what I have said. 

Yours sincerely,
Michael T



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